Torx Screwdriver Set (45 in 1)

Nice set of a ton of screwdrivers…  Here is the way the manufacturer describes it….

Professional multi-function mini Screwdriver bits manual tool set, 42 screwdriver bits include Hex bit 1.0 to 4.0 Nut Driver 2.5 to 5.5 Flathead 1.2-4.0 Torx T4, T5, T6, T7, T8R, T9R, T15R, T20R, Pentalobe 0.8 to 2.0 Tri-wing 1.5 2.0 Triangle 2.0 2.3 etc, a Tweezer, a Handle, an Extension Bar”

The box that houses the screw bits has a pretty cool function as you open up the lid the screw bit raise up for easy access.  Not sure how well the bits will hold up.  I will update here when I have had some more use time.



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Exgreem Neon LED Strip with Remote!

These is an awesome set of LED strip lighting.  Primary use of this seems to be to back light your TV.  This seems to be really well made.  We have bought a couple of these and the Exgreem seems to be really well made.  It also includes a back that has sticky tape along the entire strip.  The included remote works well and allows you to change the colors of the LEDs.  The item is very well and right sized packed.  Includes everything you need to mount.  I think these would look great anywhere.  Under the bed, illuminating an arcade cabinet.  Really think the uses are some what infinite.  The strip is powered via USB, so that is one thing one would need to keep in mind when beginning a project.



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Awesome Face Paint – 12 Colors XL Set

Ordered this in preparation for the Hallowed season.  This is a great set of face paints and includes a couple of brushes.  We have a decent size costume party at work and we will surely utilize each of the 12 colors helping with final touches to everyone’s costumes. The colors are really neat and vibrant.  Hopefully the below picture will help capture the great colors.


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8 pcs. Rug Gripper by Vila

There is nothing worse than having the corners of your rug curl up, or the rug slipping out from under your foot.  We have tried tape, small nails, and really nothing ever really works for long.  Here we have an “as seen on TV” product that claims to “keep rugs and mats in place with out leaving any messy residue”, or in our case small nail holes.  “Ruggies!” could be the answer to our problem.  The directions state that they can be reused over and over by simply washing them off.  The feel of them is much like those toys we would throw up against a window when we were kids.  I will post an update when we have had some time to field test.

Rug Gripper

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Speed cube 3x3x3 puzzle

Just as the 2×2, this 3x3x3 is a great cube.  The turning is smooth and quick.  Really having fun with it. Colors are vibrant and again seriously smooth turning.  By far, the best 3x3x3 we own.

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Type C Cable, AXELECT 4PACK(10ft 6ft 3ft 1ft) Nylon Braided USB C

This is a great set of type C cables.  You get a 10 ft, a 6 ft, 3 ft and a 1 ft.  I really like the one foot cable for charging in the car or on my desk plugged into the laptop.  The ten foot cable is great plugged in to the wall and run to my night stand for over night charging.   The nylon braiding seems very sturdy.   The connects fit well and are not too loose or too snug.  Get this pack and have a cable for every occasion. One in the car, one on the nightstand, one in your bag and one on your desk.  Truly a great assortment of sizes.

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6 Piece Puzzle “Soccer Ball”

IMG_20170906_233654This is a decent little wood puzzle.  The pieces are made of wood and are made well.  Nice colors and once you know how to put it together it is pretty easy.  Great for your work desk or your coffee table.  Only thing that detracts from this puzzle is that it sits fairly loose when placed down.  The box it came in also had two pieces of ribbon and a small gift tag.  Nice little extra if you plan to give it as a gift.

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USB Type C Cable, AXELECT 2PACK (6.6ft) Nylon Braided

You can never have too many USB charging cables, right?  Here we have a 2 pack of six and half foot Type C Cables.  The nylon braid looks very nice and very durable.  I have been using one in my car and one at work to charge my phone.  They charge well and and after a few weeks look as is they will hold up for a decent amount of time.  I really do like the feel and look of the cables.

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Flamingo Inflatable Cup Holder

These little floating creatures are great.  We went to a party a couple of years ago and one our little ones brought a couple of the home.  Sadly one decided he did not want to inflate any more.  Well, now we have 16!  My kids actually love to play with them in the bath tub.  However, these really do make nice floating cup holders for the swimming pool.  I have so far inflated about 10 and all hold air fine.  We will have a nice flock once we are done!

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