2X2 Speed Cube

We love puzzles in our house and this one does not disappoint.  This is the first 2×2 that we have had and love it.  It truly is a speed cube.  The movement is fluid and feels stable in the hand.  The size is nice and fits well in your hands.  Not sure if this will replace the 3×3 for us, but it definitely has earned a spot in the game cabinet!

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Bonfoto Q111 55″ Camera Tripod

Here we have the bigger brother of the Bonfoto I reviewed a few days ago.  This guy comes in a nice carry bag as well.  It feels a might bit heavier and looks brawny.  Fully compressed it measures in at about 20″.  It quickly with about 10 clicks and a few turns, transforms into a colossal 55″ tripod.  Legs are aluminum, contributing to helping lighten the weight, and many parts are made of plastic.  Even though there is a bit of plastic, this tripod feels sturdy and secure.  I imagine that it will hold up for a good long time.  For the price and compact-ability it really can be beat.

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USB C Charger Dock (Google Pixel)

This is a great little desk charger for your Google Pixel.  I finally found a desk dock to charge my phone with.  The neat thing about this dock is that it has two sides and pivots back and forth.  This pivot action allows you to charge phone one one side, then if you want to watch your favorite show on the other.  The pivot action slants at the correct angle to hold phone in either the vertical to charge or the horizontal to watch video.  All in all a great USB charger for anyone that can use a “C” charger.

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Bonfoto B72M Tripod

If you are in need of a great small factor tripod, this one is great!  The Bonfoto tripod is a 9 inches when in its most compact form.  When fully expanded, is measures in at about 17 inches.  The top has a nice ball head that can be moved 90 degrees.   What I really like about this tripod is as stated truly compact and comes with a nice drawstring carry bag.

This items was purchased on Amazon.  Product Link.

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Bonfoto compact.jpg