Type C Cable, AXELECT 4PACK(10ft 6ft 3ft 1ft) Nylon Braided USB C

This is a great set of type C cables.  You get a 10 ft, a 6 ft, 3 ft and a 1 ft.  I really like the one foot cable for charging in the car or on my desk plugged into the laptop.  The ten foot cable is great plugged in to the wall and run to my night stand for over night charging.   The nylon braiding seems very sturdy.   The connects fit well and are not too loose or too snug.  Get this pack and have a cable for every occasion. One in the car, one on the nightstand, one in your bag and one on your desk.  Truly a great assortment of sizes.

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USB Type C Cable, AXELECT 2PACK (6.6ft) Nylon Braided

You can never have too many USB charging cables, right?  Here we have a 2 pack of six and half foot Type C Cables.  The nylon braid looks very nice and very durable.  I have been using one in my car and one at work to charge my phone.  They charge well and and after a few weeks look as is they will hold up for a decent amount of time.  I really do like the feel and look of the cables.

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USB C Charger Dock (Google Pixel)

This is a great little desk charger for your Google Pixel.  I finally found a desk dock to charge my phone with.  The neat thing about this dock is that it has two sides and pivots back and forth.  This pivot action allows you to charge phone one one side, then if you want to watch your favorite show on the other.  The pivot action slants at the correct angle to hold phone in either the vertical to charge or the horizontal to watch video.  All in all a great USB charger for anyone that can use a “C” charger.

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