Holland Computers USB to JAMMA converter board…

I was stoked a few months back when I was searching for a way to connect my JAMMA arcade cabinet to a new hobby my young son and I have started.  A while back, we discovered the Raspberry pi and have had a blast creating small projects.  We have done the GoogleAI kit with the Raspberry pi 3 and retro gaming with the pi 0.  More recently we have been trying to decide what to do with the old Mrs. Pacman cabinet languishing our in the shed…  Well we have decided to work to create a full size Rasperry Pi powered arcade cabinet.  I researched zero delay encoders and we made a nice looking game pad out of a “shoe box”  (Will post about that one later)  This set up was nice, but not strong enough for two players or any “rough” game.  The led me in search of what I could use that would easily utilize the JAMMA set up we already were working on.  I was ecstatic when I came across a converter that converts JAMMA to USB.  My searching led me to the Holland Computers USB to JAMMA converter board.


Even better, I found it on Walmart.com.  This was great for us in that one of the many fundraisers our school has is the purchase of gift cards.  I was able to help the school and purchase through Walmart.com.  I love the fact that Holland Computers has started selling there product through Walmart.

Here is a link to the Walmart page... I am not a Walmart affiliate so no kick back.  🙂

I had hoped to provide the product the first review, but have had difficulty leaving a review there.

Here is a picture of the back…


Also, you can see in the pictures it came with USB cable and audio cable.

As we start our project using this board, we will post more pictures and updates.

Here is a link to Holland Computers website, they have  a ton of awesomeness.